Is your lawn turning brown? You need a sprinkler system design to save your lawn from the heat!

In case you haven’t stepped foot outside lately, mother nature really turned up the heat. We’re talking the high 90s with 100+ in the heat index. Whew! With the heat and the beating sun, we’ve noticed the grass is really taking a beating. Give your lawn the gift of relief! A sprinkler system design in Kansas City will adequately water your lawn to keep it green all summer.


What’s the secret to a healthy lawn?

It’s easy! Food + Sun + Water.   However, we’ve already determined your lawn is getting enough sun. Is it getting enough water this time of year?


Bring the H2O, a Sprinkler System Design for Your Yard.

Don’t have a sprinkler system? No problem! We can help you install a custom sprinkler system in Kansas City. A sprinkler installer in Kansas City will design a sprinkler system for your lawn to produce the most effective results. Invest in a sprinkler system to maintain a healthy and glowing lawn all summer for years to come.


Already have a sprinkler? Irrigation System Service in Kansas City.

sprinkler system design


If you already have a sprinkler installed, but is it running properly? Aspen Lawn and Landscape will perform a routine irrigation system service in Kansas City to evaluate your sprinkler’s performance.

Don’t let your sprinkler be a utility guzzler, set the proper amount with water conservation.

We help ensure the proper amount of water is used by your sprinkler system is the goal. As the experts, we determine the perfect balance between keeping your lawn hydrated and not drastically hiking up your water bill. Especially if you have other outdoor features like fountains or pools. Water pill can really sneak up on you if you don’t take the proper precautions to keep your spending under control.