Blue Protect Program

The Blue Protect Bundles are Aspen’s signature pest control offering. They are designed to provide year-round control for various different issues. Each bundle has been specifically designed to appeal to what our customers value most. From invaders such as spiders, ants, and mice, to the outdoors where mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers cause headaches, we have a plan for you and your family.

Our Blue Protect Bundles also come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! This means that if you ever do have a pest issue before it’s time for our next visit, we come back to retreat at no additional cost to you.

The best part about our Blue Protect Bundles is the cost savings they provide! All of the programs inside of the Bundles offer a massive discount when compared to our standalone programs.

Blue Protect Bundles

Sky Bundle

The Sky Bundle is designed to protect your home from invading spiders, insects such as ants, crickets, and silverfish, and rodents like mice and rats. Visits are every other month throughout the year, totaling 6 annually.

Teal Bundle

The Teal Bundle appeals to our customers that want to protect their home from insects and also reclaim their outdoor environments from mosquitoes! Our program targets these insects before they become active. Visits on this program are done monthly from April through October, totalling 7 annually.

Navy Bundle

The Navy Bundle combines the Sky and Teal Bundle to offer year-round protection from home-invading insects, rodents, and mosquitoes when they are active. There are 9 total visits at varying intervals to ensure we stay on top of your pest issues.

Royal Bundle

The Royal Bundle is the premier offer on our Blue Protect Bundle plans. It offers all of the protection from the Navy Bundle but also adds in Flea and Tick protection as well as mole baiting if moles ever become an issue. There are 9 total visits at varying intervals.

Payment Options

The Blue Protect Bundles come with 3 different payment options:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: You can pay up to 30 days after each visit with no additional charge added.

  • Pre-Pay: You can prepay for the bundle plan in advance (this option is limited to before March 15th)

  • Even Pay: You can pay a flat fee every month, which allows for ease of budgeting and peace of mind knowing your pest issues are being handled.


  • All home pest control that protects from invading insects is done on the exterior of the home unless a customer wants interior pest control as well. In this instance, each visit where we would enter the home has a $40 upcharge at a minimum.
  • The Sky, Navy, and Royal Bundles all have a $129 initial setup fee to replace the cost of placing the rodent bait stations. After that, the normal application fee begins.
  • The flea, tick, chigger, and mole applications in the Royal Bundle cover up to 15,000 immediately surrounding the home. If more area needs to be treated, there will be an additional fee added to cover the increase in time and material.

Aspen Lawn’s Blue Protect Bundles are affordable and reliable
solution to any pest problem you may have.