Did you know that the weeds grow 2-3 times faster than normal grass? Get rid of the weeds and you won’t have to mow as often!

Your lawn will never look its best if it is constantly overrun by weeds like crabgrass, foxtail, nutsedge, dandelions, henbit, and others. We can get those weeds out efficiently and without destroying the rest of your lawn.

Aspen Bed Weed Control Summary

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What is Bed Weed Control?

  • Landscape bed’s are a pivotal part of the curb appeal of a house
  • Homeowner’s spend a considerable amount of money on their plants
  • Bed Weed Control is a program to help assist the homeowner lower their time in their beds picking weeds (or hiring companies/bills)

  • It’s designed to manage unsightly grasses and broadleaf weeds in landscape beds

Why Bed Weed Control?

  • Studies have shown that herbicide control of annual weeds has much higher success rates than weed fabric

  • It will help reduce/eliminate tedious, back-breaking work to pull weeds
  • Help to maintain and improve the overall appearance of the landscape

Bed Weed Control Program

  • Spring Application (Mid February-Early April)

  • Summer Application (Mid April-Mid July)

  • Fall Application (Late July-Early September)

Don’t put off essential lawn care services.