Our seven-step fertilization program will ensure your lawn gets all the necessary nutrients to grow thick & green. If needed, we also offer additional curative fungicide treatments, insect removal treatments, and insect prevention treatments.

For over 35 years our lawn experts have been perfecting our 7-Step Lawn Fertilization Program on some of the best lawns in Kansas City. Aspen’s qualified experts can keep your lawn healthier, greener, and weed free all year long.

Is your grass as green and healthy as it could be? We can help you fix it!

Our Seven-Step Fertilization Program

Step 1 –

Granular Slow-Release
Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

This granular 50% slow-release fertilizer application provides essential nutrients to provide excellent spring color while providing a barrier against grassy weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, and goosegrass.

Step 2 –

Liquid Weed Spray with

This liquid application eliminates broadleaf weeds in the lawn and provides the second barrier of pre-emergent to protect against grassy weeds.

Step 3 –

Summer Fertilizer*

This granular fertilizer application is 100% slow release. This will slowly feed the turf through summer. We will also spot spray any broadleaf weeds as needed.

Step 4 –

Grub Control*

The key to controlling grubs is to kill them before they hatch and cause damage to your lawn. This granular insecticide will provide you with season long grub control.

Step 5 –

Summer Weed Control

This liquid application targets nutsedge and summer broadleaf weeds. Your turf manager will evaluate the lawn and fall seeding recommendations are sent during this time.

Step 6 –

Fall Fertilizer

This granular application helps the turf recover from the extreme summer and promotes excellent fall color.

Step 7 –


This granular heavy nitrogen application provides the turf with a large food reserve over winter and promotes early spring green up.

*Steps 3 & 4 are applied simultaneously for a more effective result.

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