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To earn the reputation of the nicest yard in your neighborhood, you need an Aspen yard. Aspens's "complete package" mentality means we're the only provider you will need to call for all professional lawn services - mowing, lawn treatments or fertilization/weed control, installing irrigation systems and landscaping. Our clients trust us with the care of their yards because they know it will stand out for its meticulous look and clean precision.

A personal gardener at a fraction of the cost

Have you always wanted a personal gardener? An expert to spruce up your yard and achieve the aesthetic look and feel you've always imagined in your outdoor space? Aspen Lawn is always one step ahead. We know you need to plant annuals as soon as the temperature is right, and we know when to turn on your sprinklers and fertilize your lawn to ensure it's always green. As the temperature drops, we will clean up your leaves before they kill your grass. We tend to every detail of your yard to ensure it's always perfect, during all four seasons.

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With Aspen, you get the quality you pay for - all year round.

Everyone has an expertise, our expertise is achieving quality results with your lawn care. How we do this? The quality people we employ are certified technicians, arborists, and horticulturists. Our quality people use quality products. We place a high priority on environmentally friendly products to preserve the natural beauty of mother nature. Experience and professionalism is super important to us, because we know it's important to you.



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We're Proud to Offer Our Professional Lawn Care Services.

After working with Aspen to provide professional lawn care in Overland Park KS, you will have a good foundation. However, to maintain a good foundation you need to take the necessary precautionary steps. What are those steps? First, consider lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park KS. Aspen can provide turf application programs for your lawn. Meaning, our technicians will analyze your yard and make service recommendations to optimize the aesthetics. Turf application in Overland Park KS includes 7 rounds of fertilizer & optional preventative care. We also provide lawn fertilizer services in Overland Park KS like weed control, aeration, seeding and vericutting. In addition, keep your lawn hydrated during the summer months with sprinkler system service in Overland Park KS. It would be really disappointing to maintain your lawn's health during the spring and early summer months, only to lose its vibrancy during the heat of the summer. We are your provider for sprinkler system service in Overland Park KS – we can offer system turn on, maintenance, sprinkler winterization, installation and water conservation. So what are you waiting for? We have all year around, all-in-one lawn care in Overland Park KS.

Quality lawn care in Overland Park KS and landscaping in Overland Park KS – that's our pride and joy! And luckily, that's what we're known for! Our professional lawn care services in Overland Park includes an array of services. For example, our leaf removal in Overland Park? Pshh. Leaf it to us! <-- get it?? Spend your valuable time doing something else this spring or fall and let Aspen take care of the leaves for you. Our second addition is our mulch service in Overland Park. A fresh spread of mulch is the best way to spruce up your landscaping and give your flower beds a clean, crisp look. In addition, our lawn mowing in Overland Park is essential during the spring and summer months. For homeowners, mowing can be the most time consuming chore if you want to do it right. But do you really have time to do that? We pay special attention to composition of your lawn to ensure we use the right techniques and the right fertilizer to create a beautiful, green yard. Control your shrubs. We feel bad for homeowners struggling with their trimming sheers, or trying to balance on really tall ladders! That's dangerous if you're not a professional. Trim your limbs without losing a limb. Trust Aspen for your tree and shrub trimming service in Overland Park KS.