Don’t guess how to service your own sprinkler. Leave it to the professionals offering irrigation system service in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Are you thinking about your irrigation system? Are you dreading the annual maintenance and system service? Have no fear! Aspen Lawn and Landscape offers homeowners professional irrigation system service in Kansas City, irrigation system services in Leawood and irrigation system services in Overland Park.  Our irrigation system service covers the essentials you need to upkeep your sprinkler during the heat of the summer.

When you work with a professional, you take the guessing out of home maintenance. You no longer have to google ‘how to turn on my sprinkler’ or ‘how to maintenance my sprinkler’. The variance of answers you could receive on a google search are infinite! It’s so hard to choose which resource is accurate and most reputable.

The worst part? Trying to do it yourself. With guessing, there is infinite room for mistakes to occur. Sometimes it is best to be proactive instead of reactive with home maintenance services.


97% annual customer retention rate

Let’s be proactive instead of reactive with every irrigation system service in Kansas City.

Aspen Lawn and Landscape believes the recipe for successful service boils down to expertise, follow through, and dedication to upholding a quality standard. We can help homeowners through every step of service they need to upkeep their irrigation system.

  • We’re there to Turn On Your Irrigation System

An irrigation technician will turn on your system and facilitate a complete full system check which includes checking all parts within your system and the coverage of your system to ensure it is running properly and watering efficiently. Two major factors to ensure your system will work for your lawn as it should all summer long.

  • Continual System Maintenance

When you work with Aspen, we’re there every step of the way. If an issue arises during the season, our professional staff with travel to your home in a timely manner to repair the issue and perform a full sprinkler system service maintenance check to ensure everything else in your irrigation system works before they leave your residence.

  • Reduce Your Water Bill with Water Conservation

We help ensure the proper amount of water is used by your sprinkler system is the goal. As the experts, we determine the perfect balance between keeping your lawn hydrated and not drastically hiking up your water bill. Especially if you have other outdoor features like fountains or pools. Water pill can really sneak up on you if you don’t take the proper precautions to keep your spending under control.

  • Winterization to Prepare your System to Withstand the Effects of Winter

After your irrigation system has worked tirelessly to keep you lawn hydrated during the summer months, it is important to take the proper steps to turn off your system and prepare it for the winter season. An Aspen professional will come to your home to blow out all water remaining in the irrigation lines to diminish the chance of freezing and cracking of the irrigation lines. No more surprises in Spring!

Don’t have an Irrigation System? We’re your team to install a new system and work with you after to offer continual irrigation system service in Kansas City.

Of course we can help you install sprinklers with our irrigation system service in Kansas City. The aesthetic of your home is an investment and your curb appeal is priceless. Invest in an irrigation system to maintain a healthy and glowing lawn all summer for years to come!

10+ years of experience designing and installing systems for homeowners with the highest quality technology.


Ready to get started with irrigation system service in Kansas City with Aspen? Use our free quote tool or contact us if you have more questions.

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