Ok…we're starting to see the damages caused by the Winter of 2013-2014.  Turfgrass, Evergreens…we've seen widespread damage across our service area.  Some of the damage is due to Winter Desiccation which is caused by drying during winter weather or drought.  Even though we had some snow this year, we had very little beneficial moisture.  If plant material including turf went into winter months dry and remained that way throughout the winter, there is a strong possibility that winter desiccation is the cause.

The other cause of damage to turf is to shaded areas.  Shady turf typically has very shallow, underdeveloped roots because it doesn't receive good quality of light.  Therefore, the plant does not have suffiecient protection against cold temperatures and winter drought.  

We've also seen quite a bit of salt injury to plant material, especially Boxwoods, Junipers and other evergreens.  Please call us if you have any questions or want us to give our opinion and recommendations.