Is the summer heat killing your wallet? A water saving irrigation system in Kansas City will save you money.

Water Saving Irrigation System in Kansas City

When summer is in full force and your lawn is taking a beating from the sun, it can be impossible to keep your lawn green. Perhaps your first idea for a solution would be to increase the amount of water your lawn receives. It makes sense, the more hydrated the greener it will be. However, while you’re busy saving your lawn – it shouldn’t be killing your wallet. You need a water saving irrigation system in Kansas City.

How does a water saving irrigation system in Kansas City save me money?

Ensuring that the most appropriate amount of water is used by your sprinkler system is the focus of water conservation. Aspen Lawn and Landscape will help you determine the right number of days to water based on the current temperature and humidity; to adapting your sprinkler system to accommodate for new plantings vs well-established items; water conservation gives you the best bang for your buck, all year long.

Ensure your irrigation is running properly.

Besides the proper settings for a water saving irrigation system in Kansas City, check if your system is running at full efficiency. If your sprinkler system has a few years of wear, a part isn’t running properly or if you’re concerned it was installed inefficiently – Aspen Lawn and Landscape can visit your home to evaluate the performance and efficiency of your sprinkler system with our sprinkler maintenance service.

Trust a professional provider to fix any issue with your irrigation system.

Aspen will ensure the correct amount of water is delivered to your entire yard – whether watering in sun or shade, watering grass or beds. Sprinkler systems are the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs without over-watering.

Save money this season with our best practices for a water saving irrigation system in Kansas City.