Here are the 27 highest ranked fescue cultivars for the midwest as rated by K-state over the last 5 years :
2nd Millenium, Apache III, Avenger, Biltmore, Blackwatch, Cayenne, Cochise III, Dynasty, Escalade, Falcon IV, Fidelity, Finelawn Elite, Forte, Guardian 21, Inferno, Justice, Kalahari, Matador, Padre, Picasso, Regiment II, Rembrandt, Tar Heel, Titanium, Ultimate, Watchdog, & Wolfpack

Several cool season grasses are grown in Kansas, these include mostly bluegrass & fescue cultivars.

Though bluegrass is readily planted in this area, it has been proven that fescue is the best suited to

our climates & soil. We recommend fescue solely on the fact that it holds up better to the heat of the summer, and

 provides better disease resistence than bluegrass. In the past, fescue was thought to be a thick, un-sightly plant.
Those were the days when K-31 was the most frequently used fescue seed. Today, there are many new cultivars that
provide improved color, density, & much finer leaf texture. Fescue seed’s appearance has come such a long way that
it’s often hard to distinguish it from the historically finer bluegrass plant.