Can’t sleep?  Eyes glued to the infomercial playing late night?  Thinking about ordering some of that "Miracle Grass Seed" advertised?  Before you sign up for those 3 easy installment payments, think over the promises they are making: 

**"Saves you work by crowding out weeds"- what would make it stop when coming to your plants or flowers? 

**"So hardy, it stays green thru heavy foot traffic, drought, scorching heat, freezing cold & even snow!"- this is starting to sound like the dreaded Bermuda Grass, which most of us strive to block out of our lawns.

**"Beautiful grass that stays green year-round, from Florida to Alaska!" they claim.  In that case, how come more  
    plantings do not survive nationwide?  This species defies the zoning map of the United States for plantings?  How
    come we have not heard of this scientific miracle before?
Before you call that toll free number, remember….if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You will probably have better luck with the the Magic Bullet food chopper.  At least then you will get a free gift!  :)