You should consider aerating your lawn in Kansas City.

We’re sure you’ve heard of installing a sprinkler to obtain a hydrated lawn or fertilizing for a thick and luscious lawn – but what about aeration? If you’re unsure of the benefits, that’s completely okay because Aspen is your choice for a lawn aerator in Kansas City.


What does aerating in Kansas City do?

Aerating is a technique that allows the soil in your yard to absorb air, water, and nutrients. Without this imperative step, your lawn could be in danger during the winter.

Our team of professionals perforates the soil with small holes to penetrate the roots. This process helps the roots of your grass grow deeper to create a stronger, fuller lawn.

Questions to Ask Yourself: Does my lawn need an aeration?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself. There is always so much discussion of what you should do, but it becomes a matter of, okay, do I need it? Our professionals at Aspen Lawn, along with other industry experts, have identified 3 major indicators present in lawns that could benefit from a seasonal aeration service. It really boils down to how much ‘compacting’ your lawn faces and/or has faced.

1. Why is my lawn so dry? 

If your lawn dries out easily or has a spongy texture, you might want to ask our specialists for help. This can be an indicator of a prime candidate for aeration.

2. How can I help a compact lawn? 

Is your lawn dedicated as the neighborhood hang out spot? The weekly pick-up football game field? If your lawn receives a lot of traffic, from your kiddos or pets, this is probably contributing to compacting your lawn.

3. How do I make sure my new grass stays healthy? 

With newly constructed homes, the top soil can be buried and replaced by a new subsoil layer. The excessive travel of construction equipment contributes to compacting your new lawn.

Aspen is your partner for lawn care in Kansas City and surrounding areas. Receive a free quote!

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