Don’t suffer another summer with dry, damaged or sparse grass. A sprinkler installation in Overland Park is your solution.

Are you tired of looking at dead grass? Or perhaps you’re dreading spending your weekends standing in your lawn with a garden hose salvaging what little is left of your lawn. Don’t stress over a dry lawn and take back your weekends to spend your time doing what you want! A sprinkler installation in Overland Park will do the work for you all season long. Cross one thing off of your long to-do list.

Why a sprinkler installation in Overland Park?


We’re glad you asked. Our favorite homeowners are the homeowners that want to make informed decisions. Luckily for us, we have the skills and expertise to back up the importance of our services.

Hands-Free for You.

Honestly, the biggest benefit for homeowners is the lack of effort on their part. Meaning, when your lawn needs to hydrate your sprinkler automatically kicks on. You don’t have to worry about letting your lawn go to long or making time in your schedule.

Conserves water with settings feature. 

Have you heard sprinklers drastically increase your water bill? Sure, it increases your water bill but it shouldn’t drastically increase. How do we ensure this doesn’t happen? Aspen’s team of professionals adjust the sprinkler settings to disperse the appropriate amount of water, not in excess.

What about season turn on/turn off?

We’ll take care of that too! Choosing Aspen as your lawn care partner means we take care of all of the little maintenance for you – system turn on, turn off, repairs and winterization.

You need a trusted sprinkler system contractor in Overland Park.

Who do I choose?! That’s a classic question a lot of our homeowners ask their peers, family, and Google. Let us help you out, if you work with Aspen you won’t need another provider. This isn’t our side job, this isn’t our hobby – we’ve been serving the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas with lawn care for 30+ years.

And we have a history of satisfied customers!

Our annual customer retention rate is 97%  with avg 5 star rating on Google

Have you started maintenance on your lawn? We offer leaf removal service in Overland Park.

We’re glad you asked! Aspen Lawn and Landscape’s lawn care program is the full package to keep your lawn healthy and hands-free for you! As we have mentioned, we start with leaf removal service, then work our way into providing mulch services to give your lawn a crisp and clean appearance.

To maximize your sprinkler’s impact, apply lawn fertilizer in Overland Park.

We really are your full-service lawn care provider – it wasn’t an overstatement! Like brushing your teeth, exercising regularly or eating healthy – a proactive mindset is a key to maintaining a healthy lawn. Aspen Lawn and Landscape can maximize the potential of your lawn with lawn fertilizer services and a sprinkler installation in Overland Park KS.

Don’t wait another minute to start planning for a sprinkler installation in Overland Park. Use our free quote tool or request a call back to begin.

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