Be the prepared homeowner in your neighborhood with Aspen’s spring lawn care basics.

For most homeowners in the Kansas City metro area, the curb appeal of your home is like your first impression. HGTV and Pinterest really have a way of pulling at our homeowner heart strings – we want that beautiful lawn that makes heads turn!! However, it’s often hard to know where to begin, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. Aspen’s team of professionals will help you optimize the health of your lawn with these simple spring lawn care basics.

5 spring lawn care basic tips for a beautiful lawn all year long.

  1. Hydrate Your Lawn

    A lot of times, homeowners overlook the power of hydrating your lawn during the warm summer months. Everyone focuses on lawn mowing but what if you don’t have a lawn to mow? To keep your lawn hydrated you need to utilize the power of your sprinkler. Aspen’s team of professionals can help you with sprinkler turn on, maintenance and ways to conserve water to minimize your utility bill! Don’t have a sprinkler? No worries! We can custom design a sprinkler system tailored to your lawn!

  2. Shape up Your Shrubs

    Perhaps you have installed your landscape and it has become a little out of hand! Your shrubs are losing their polished shape and to be quite honest – they look a little scraggly. Aspen will help shape up your shrubs and trees so everything looks in its place. A sculpted landscape is a perfect way to take your lawn to the next level.

  3. A Healthy Dose of Vitamins for Your Lawn

    What does that mean? Well, at Aspen, we tell our homeowners to think of fertilizer as vitamins. Fertilizer increases the health of your lawn and increases the thickness. There’s nothing better than a plushy lawn that’s perfect for bare feet! Aspen provides a custom turf program for homeowners in Kansas City. It includes 7 rounds of fertilizer for optimal results.

  4. Let Your Lawn Breathe

    After the winter and/or summer months, open up your soil with aeration. It helps hardened or dry soil to allow water and nutrients to flow into the root-zone. Any plugs removed from your soil will be replaced with organic matter and help nourish the plan and break down the thatch. Aspen offers aeration service as a part of our lawn fertilizer services in Kansas City.

  5. Avoid Cutting Corners

    This is really what it boils down to. Sometimes when life gets so busy we forget to take care of our lawns. Before we know it the lawn is crying for help and most likely has already suffered a tremendous amount of damage. Leave it to Aspen’s professional team to take care of the essentials for you and to make sure they’re done right!


Work with a professional today. We’ll take care of your spring lawn care basics in Kansas City so you don’t have to! Use our free quote tool or request a callback.

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