We predicted a rough year for insects due to the lack of winter we had this year, but we had no idea that insects would be quite as bad as they’ve been this year.  Spider mites are very active right now (approx. 3 weeks early) and causing serious damage to Burning Bushes.  Combined with drought conditions and recent trimming, even small populations are causing serious damage.  Spider Mites are hard to treat chemically, because there are only select miticides that kill both the adults and the eggs.  The best way to test for spider mites is the White paper test.  Simply place a peice of solid white paper under the plant and shake the plant.  Look closely for the small mites about the size of flecks of salt and pepper (1/32″) on the paper.  If you notice movement, they are alive and well feasting on your plants.  Please call us if you notice a problem.