Professional landscaping, shrub and tree trimming service in Kansas City.

As spring and summer quickly approach every year, it’s time to start thinking about shaping up! Your shrubs and trees that is.

Warm weather encourages people to break out of their winter hibernation and get outside! Which is great, until you notice the condition of your great outdoors – whether the front or backyard – really shows the effects of the winter months. That’s why, at Aspen, we encourage homeowners to reach out to us for landscaping, shrub and tree trimming service in Kansas City.

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After winter, give your lawn a clean look with a shrub and tree trimming service in Kansas City.

Perhaps the limbs of your trees are obstructing how far you can throw the football in your backyard. Maybe the limb is starting to rub on the side of your home. The shrubs planted in your existing landscape look mangey and wild! It’s a simple solution really, just reach out to Aspen’s team of professionals to give your lawn a clean look which will be ready for spring and summer.

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Why choose Aspen?

A professional team providing professional service, every time. 

We’re glad you asked! Aspen is your team of lawn care and landscaping professionals in the Kansas City metro area. We’re not the type of service provider that prefers to be a one-time provider. Why? Because we really invest in our work. To put the time and effort to enhance your lawn, means we want to see the project through to full potential!

A team that listens to homeowners. 

But more about the service part, our shrub trimming experts listen to our homeowners to understand the desired shrub and/or tree shape. If you don’t have a shape in mind, our team can easily identify each plant in your landscape to know what each one needs and how they should be trimmed.

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A one-stop shop! For landscaping in Kansas City.

A shrub and tree trimming service in Kansas City is a part of Aspen’s Lawn and Landscape program. That’s right, a one-stop-shop! Offering everything you need to enhance your lawn.

Let’s talk more about our landscaping services in Kansas City. Our design team will meet with you, put together a custom plan for your yard and home. After,  we oversee the project installed by our highly experienced crews. Our staff of landscape designers & landscaping installers in Kansas City will assist you in creating an outdoor setting that will compliment the architecture of your home based on traditional design principles.

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Contact Aspen for questions or use our free quote tool below to get started with a shrub and tree trimming service in Kansas City.