I've had some interesting conversation this week about whether or not it is beneficial to try and keep up with watering during this heat wave.  The answer is yes and no.

If you are willing to water the proper amount to compensate for the heat (5-6 days per week minimum) then by all means keep watering.  The lawn will come back much quicker when the heat breaks if you keep it healthy and green through this hot spell.  If you've been watering only 2-3 days per week and don't want to give the lawn additional water (5-6 days per week), we recommend ceasing irrigating all together and let the lawn go dormant until the heat breaks.  All you are doing by watering this little is keeping weeds alive.  If you choose to go this route, it is highly recommended to soak the lawn every other week to make sure the crown of the plant doesn't dieback.  Please call me with questions or advise.