Lawns around Kansas City look much better going into this fall than they have in the last couple seasons.  Many people are looking out on their yards and thinking that they don't need to do anything this fall to the lawn…Truth is that you should look at this as an opportunity.  Moist soil and cooler weather is going to create a great opportunity to improve the overall health of your lawn this fall.  Aeration will be beneficial in getting water and nutrients down to the root zone while also releiving soil compaction that all the mowing and rain has caused.  Verticutting will help get rid of some of that unneccessary thatch that has occured as a result of the rapidly growing grass and lastly overseeding those bare or thing spots in your yard is best done in the Fall.  We recommend turf type fescue varieties as opposed to bluegrass options primarily because of their superior drought and heat resistance in Kansas City's climate.  Please call us if you have any questions or would like a professional lawn evaluation.