Homeowners need irrigation winterization service to protect their sprinkler during the winter.

With fall in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about shutting down your sprinkler to protect it during the winter. Instead of fiddling with your sprinkler, a professional irrigation technician from Aspen Lawn can perform an accurate irrigation winterization service.

Sprinkler System Service in Overland Park

Save your money and your future headache.

The midwest, especially Kansas and Missouri experiences below-freezing temperatures as early as October. The winter months can result in more extreme weather. One freeze can cause significant, unexpected damage and repair costs to any unprotected irrigation system. The last thing you want to do is call a sprinkler installer.

Top 3 Benefits of a Professional Irrigation Winterization Service.

  1. Avoid Repair or Replacement Fees

    Sprinkler systems are huge investments that maintain your property’s health and beauty throughout the year. Homeowners should see winterization as protecting this investment. It is essential to ensure there is no water left in irrigation system pipes, valves, and other components. Why? Because when it freezes, the water can expand which can crack or damage the system. Damage = expensive repairs.

  2. Protect Your Home’s Tap Water

A professional winterization of your irrigation systems has the potential to protect the quality of your tap water. If

Irrigation Winterization Service

water freezes your Backflow Prevention Device can crack, which no longer prevents things like fertilizers and pesticides flowing into your tap water. The Backflow Prevention Device is one of the most expensive components of a typical irrigation system – so damage can cost a homeowner big money.

3. Maintain Your Landscape

Finally, a professional irrigation winterization protects your beautiful lawn. How? Repairing or replacing an irrigation system can cause excessive traffic or digging up areas of your yard. Be proactive instead of reactive and take the proper steps to protect your sprinkler.

Aspen is your partner from installation, to maintenance to winterization.

That’s the beauty of partnering with Aspen Lawn & Landscape’s sprinkler system service, you always have irrigation technician just a phone call away