We advise: don’t cut corners this mowing season and choose professional lawn care in Kansas City.

Okay okay, you know the drill. The weather gets warmer, you’re breaking free from hibernation and are finally at ease from your cabin fever. However, have you thought about all of the maintenance that goes with the warmer weather? It’s a tough balance – lawn maintenance in the summer and all of the outdoor activities you want to enjoy doing.  After all, our homeowners work 9 to 5 and probably don’t want to spend their limited time off working on maintaining their home. Well, you’re in luck…Aspen Lawn is offering professional lawn care in Kansas City for our homeowners that may be too busy to take care of it themselves.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this blog post today, the benefits of professional lawn care. “Professional” is an over used term, everyone loves to slap it in front of their service. However, we’re legit. We do this every day as our profession and we love it. On top of that, we’re really good at it. So good that we have a 97% annual customer retention rate. How about that! :)

A 97% Annual Customer Retention Rate

Alright, here you go. 3 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care in Kansas City.

  1. We make service simple for you.

    Simple service? One less stressor on your shoulders? That is exactly what you will experience with Aspen Lawn’s profession lawn care in Kansas City. We will determine a service schedule to ensure your lawn never falls to the wayside. It will be like you never have to think about you lawn…ever. With our perfected service schedule your lawn will receive timely maintenance and service so that it always looks its best.

  2. We’ll meet your expectations and exceed them.

    Well, yeah, we’ve been doing that since 1985. No really, we have!  We have provided professional services to South Kansas City for 27 years. During this time, we have achieved a 97% customer retention rate. Which is so impressive in our industry. Such a high retention rate speaks volumes to our services.

    We believe homeowners should be as involved – or not involved – as they want. Meaning, if you want your lawn a specific way, we’ll listen to your goals and deliver. If you’re looking for a hands off approach, we can do that too! Regardless, we will meet your expectations and exceed them with our level of service.

    Don’t believe us?? Read our Google Reviews from our customer reviews.

  3. Quality service, guaranteed every time.

    With seasonal providers, it is often their part time job or a summer gig to earn a little extra cash. While this may save you money in the beginning, it could cause a headache throughout the season. When your summer is busy enough, the last thing you want to do is worry about your lawn care provider. Are they going to show up this week? Never ask that question, make it a guarantee and hassle free with professional lawn care in Kansas City.

We service other areas in KC with professional lawn care services.

We don’t only service the Kansas City metropolitan area. Aspen Lawn travels to cities and subdivisions surrounding Kansas City. Curious? We service the following areas with professional lawn care:

Professional Lawn Care in Overland Park

Professional Lawn Care in Leawood

Professional Lawn Care in Mission Hills


We service more! If you want an Aspen Lawn this summer give us a call or use our free quoter to get started with a cost estimate.

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