I've gotten many calls this fall about poor seed germination.  The cause of this was not poor workmanship or quality of seed but rather in the fall drought we've experienced this year.  See the attached image from Joe Lauria from FOX 4 KC showing that this September and October was the 3rd driest on record.  I saw the poorest germination I've ever seen in irrigated lawns and practically NO germination in un-irrigated lawns.  Coverage/Distribution problems were very apparant in irrigated lawns with some areas coming up great and other areas nothing but drought stressed turf and no seed germination.  Even the best installed system is not going to cover 100% perfectly…so chances are that nobody's seed germinated 100% this season. 

Our recommendation now is to plan on dormant seeding or spring seeding bare or thin areas.  The seed that is still laying on the ground from fall is not going to germinate at this point, so other measures must be taken.  Please call with questions.