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As much as we want to avoid pests, it’s just a part of mother nature. However, just because pests are a part of mother nature that all of us have to accept – it doesn’t mean we can’t take proper steps to limit our exposure to these pesky pests. Most pest control companies in Leawood can put a product on your lawn to get rid of pests, but we take it to the next level! We’re here to help you and your lawn!

Say Goodbye To Outdoor Pests

If you enjoy spending time in your backyard with friends, family or your kids  – we don’t have to tell you how much of a difference it makes when you eliminate the number of pests invading your living areas.

Ticks, mosquitos, termites, fleas, and chiggers can affect the interior and exterior of your home. Some pests, like ticks and mosquitos, are known to carry viral risks as well. Take matters into your own hands, contact Aspen over other pest control companies in Leawood.

Pest Control in Overland Park KS

We’re A Professional Pest Control Company

At Aspen Lawn & Landscape, it is our mission to continually improve and enhance your home experience. In addition, making the Kansas City region a more beautiful place to live. Therefore, on top of our most popular services  – landscaping, irrigation, and lawn care services – we provide interior and exterior pest control services in Leawood.

It’s as simple as that, Aspen is one among many profession pest control companies that really puts the homeowner first. Continually offering the right service mix to improve your living experience. Because when you finally find the time to kick up for your feet – don’t let household chores eat away at your time.

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The Best Lawn Treatment for Ticks in Leawood

Ah, the dreaded ticks. As we mentioned earlier, ticks are not to be messed with. It’s best to beat them before they start latching on to you or your loved ones. Aspen Lawn and Landscape will take care of all of your pest control needs in one fell swoop! After, you have the potential to enjoy a pest-free lawn all season or on a need basis.

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