19 Lawn Care Tips from an Overland Park Lawn Care Company

A thick green lawn doesn’t happen by accident. The best lawns are the culmination of years of hard work and careful attention. If you want the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood, follow these tips from an Overland Park lawn care company.


Tip #1 – Determine Your Lawn Goals

What kind of lawn do you want? Do you hope to win a local “beautiful lawn” competition, or do you simply want to maintain a nice green lawn? Your lawn care strategy should reflect those goals. The more complex your landscaping is, the more time and money will be required to care for it.


Tip #2 – Choose the Right Grass Type

Different grass types grow better in different climates and soil types. Research the best type of grass for your climate, location, and lawn goals. Ask your Overland Park lawn care company for suggestions if you don’t know how to choose.


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Tip #3 – Mow Regularly and Properly

Mowing your lawn regularly helps keep it healthy and looking its best. However, mowing incorrectly can have a negative effect on your lawn’s health and appearance. Make sure you mow at the right height and use a sharp blade. Don’t mow too short or too often, as this can stress the grass.


Tip #4 – Fertilize Regularly

Plan a year-long fertilization for your lawn. Fertilizers can help strengthen your lawn, keep it green, and resist pests and weeds. Test your soil first to determine the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for your lawn. Contact an Overland Park lawn fertilization company to get started.


Tip #5 – Hire a Professional Overland Park Lawn Care Company.

The simplest and most straightforward path to achieving a beautiful lawn involves hiring a seasoned professional. A good lawn care company will use professional products and equipment to fertilize, mow, aerate, seed, weed control, prune shrubbery, and more.


Tip #6 – Install Automatic Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Are you still lugging your big water hoses and sprinklers out on dry summer days? How do you know when your lawn has enough water or too much water? Stop guessing and install an automatic sprinkler system that measures moisture levels and turns your sprinklers on and off automatically. Automatic systems are easier to operate and are the best method to avoid overwatering.


Tip #7 – Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn helps promote vigorous root growth by allowing air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. This is especially important in clay soils, which can quickly become compacted. Aerating once or twice a year can help ensure your grass has the best footing possible.


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Tip #8 – Prevent Lawn Pests Before They Cause Damage

Lawn pests like grubs, chinch bugs, and others can overtake a lawn if not dealt with quickly. The best defense against pests is a strong offense. Have your lawn regularly treated with insecticide to prevent infestations before they start.


Tip #9 – Consult with an Overland Park Lawn Care Company

The best way to ensure your lawn looks its best and that you’re following the right maintenance program is to consult a professional Overland Park lawn care company. They’ll be able to analyze your soil, assess your current lawn, and recommend the best course of action for achieving your desired outcome.


Tip #10 – Fill in Bare Spots with New Seed

Bare spots in your lawn can be unsightly and detract from the overall look. To help fill these areas in, use grass seed to add new life back into those spots.


Tip #11 – Take Care of Your Trees Too

It’s easy to forget about the trees when focusing on lawn care, but they are an integral part of a healthy landscape. Ensure you’re pruning properly and fertilizing as needed, and always remember to water during periods of drought.


Tip #12 – Keep Landscaping Simple – Overland Park Lawn Care Company

A few well-chosen shrubs and flowers can go a long way toward enhancing your outdoor space without overwhelming it.


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Tip #13 – Keep Erosion at Bay

Erosion can quickly cause damage to your lawn if left unchecked. To help prevent it, make sure your lawn is graded correctly and use plants to create barriers on slopes. This will help keep runoff away from the area and minimize damage from soil movement.


Tip #14 – Cut Grass at the Proper Height

Your grass should be cut at the proper height for optimal health and growth. Different types of grass have different height requirements, so be sure to check the label or consult with a professional Overland Park lawn care company to determine what’s best for your lawn.


Tip #15 – Choose the Right Weed Control

Weeds can quickly take over a lawn if not dealt with promptly. Look for weed-control products designed specifically for your grass type and follow the directions.


Tip #16 – Give Your Grass Regular Breaks

Grass needs regular rest periods to stay healthy. Avoid cutting your lawn too often and give it time to recover between mowing. This will help keep the grass strong, resulting in a better-looking lawn. Ask your lawn care company in Overland Park for help identifying when breaks are necessary.


Tip #17 – Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

Overwatering is bad for your lawn and a waste of money. Make sure to check the soil moisture levels with a moisture meter before you water to ensure that it’s not already saturated.


Tip #18 – Prune Shrubbery Regularly

A shrubbery?! Regular pruning of shrubs and trees helps keep them healthy and looking their best. Your Overland Park lawn care company can prune away any dead wood and shape the shrub as needed. Remember never to prune more than one-third of a plant’s total branches in any given year.


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Tip #19 – Plant Native Grasses in Your Lawn

If you want to create a beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance, consider planting native grasses. Native grasses are easier to maintain and require less water.



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