Hey, drop that rake! Give your lawn a fresh look with Aspen’s leaf removal service in Kansas City.

After the long winter months, the snow has melted and the leftover debris in your yard had created an eyesore. Maintaining the appearance of your lawn is important to you, but with a million other tasks you are trying to juggle it probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. Instead of adding it to your to-do list, call Aspen Lawn and Landscape for our leaf removal service in Kansas City.

Our leaf removal service is a part of our professional lawn care program in Kansas City.

Our leaf removal service in Kansas City is an added service to our lawn care program we offer to homeowners in Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood and surrounding areas. Leaves can smother your grass resulting in a thin, unhealthy lawn. Forget the dozens of leaf bags on your curb. Spend your valuable time doing something else this fall and let Aspen take care of the leaves for you this year.

Why would I need a lawn care program?

We’re glad you asked! Aspen Lawn and Landscape’s lawn care program is the full package to keep your lawn healthy and hands-free for you! As we have mentioned, we start with leaf removal service, then work our way into providing mulch services to give your lawn a crisp and clean appearance. Our lawn care program includes lawn mowing in Kansas City, tree and shrub trimming and bed edging.

Our program speaks for itself. Ask our customers!

We’re dedicated to quality service and satisfied customers. How do we do this? We listen to our homeowners and their goals. Then we use our skills to provide what you want.

Create a healthy green glow with lawn fertilizer in Overland Park, Kansas City and more.

Once you have removed the leaves from your lawn, we recommend planning to apply rounds of fertilizer to keep your grass thick, green and luscious. When do you apply? That’s why you work with an expert. Aspen Lawn and Landscape will analyze the composition of your lawn, determine the right fertilizer for your soil/grass type and apply the fertilizer at the right time of the season for optimal results.

After fertilizing, ensure your lawn has enough water to grow with irrigation system service in Leawood, Kansas City and more!

It’s hard to do all of the maintenance work to create a beautiful lawn if it just going to scorch under the hot summer sun. Damaged or even dead grass can ruin all of the hours homeowners have invested in their yards. Most of the time it is due to lack of time to water properly. Well never forget again and deliver the right amount of water with an irrigation system!

Contact Aspen to get started with leaf removal service in Kansas City. Use our free quote tool to begin working with us!

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