Fall is the perfect time for a lawn seeding service in Kansas City.

As the weather cools down, it is the perfect time to start thinking about a lawn seeding service in Kansas City and surrounding areas, such as Overland Park, Leawood, and Lenexa. The warm weather can fly by before you it. Don’t wait until the last possible minute in November! You can start seeding your lawn now, all it takes is a phone call for a lawn seeding service in Kansas City. Be a proactive homeowner and think ahead!

lawn seeding in overland park

Rejuvenate your lawn with a lawn seeding service in Kansas City.

Are we exaggerating? Not exactly. Seeding your lawn is actually really good for your lawn by providing a sense of alleviation from the past stressors like drought, disease or insect damage. With seeding, you provide the opportunity for new life to grow in your backyard. Before you know it you will notice your lawn is thicker and denser than your previous lawn.

Aeration to let your lawn breathe.

Aeration is probably the single most important maintenance operation you can apply to your lawn all season especially for clay soils which are very abundant, to say the least, in this area. Aeration not only reduces compaction in the soil, but it also helps to break down thatch layers that have developed above the soil level and allows water and nutrient flow below the compaction zone to the roots.

A Lawn Resistant to Disease, Heat & Insects

After receiving an aeration and seeding program, you will develop a turf that has a deeper, more plentiful root system that will tolerate heat, disease and insect activity more swiftly.

aeration program

Overseed your lawn for a healthy foundation.

Overseeding a lawn is a process of spreading grass seed over an already existing turf. Generally, overseeding is best for larger areas where the turf is thin, but not bare. Smaller areas that are thin or infested with weeds can be easily filled with spot seeding.

We believe our seeding and aeration program will grant homeowners the greenage their lawn needs. Receive a free quote today!