Just because the heat is subsiding, doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your lawn. Fall is actually the perfect season for most lawn renovations. Yes, even your lawn needs taken care of. The most important gift you can give your lawn this fall is a lawn renovation.

It’s Lawn Renovation Season

It’s easy to forget about a lawn renovation throughout all the hustle and bustle of fall. The weather patterns this past year have been far from average. Therefore, it’s extremely important to check up on yours truly – your lawn.

What most homeowners don’t know is, most lawn renovations should be done yearly. It’s just like going to the doctor. Your lawn needs a proper check-up.

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Why Lawn Renovation Is Important

Lawn renovation is comparable to getting the flu shot during flu season. It’s necessary once a year, around a similar time. Without proper lawn renovation, your lawn can begin to get sick.

Lawn renovations are essential for healthy lawns. There are many steps involved in lawn renovations. Although, one of the most important steps is aeration.

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The Most Important Step: Aeration

Aeration is one of the most important parts of lawn renovations. The Kansas summer weather pushes our lawns to the brink. As the sun beats down in the summer, your soil closes up. When your soil becomes compact, it isn’t capable of allowing proper water flow in. Therefore, your lawn isn’t receiving the essential key nutrients it needs.

Aeration opens the soil up to create pathways for needed nutrients. Once the soil is opened up, aeration allows the nutrients to finally reach the roots. The plugs that are brought up from the ground through aeration, naturally are absorbed into the soil. Taking the step to aerate your lawn is an extremely beneficial and wise choice. Otherwise, your lawn can become very unhealthy throughout the winter.

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