We deserve to be treated every once and a while, but so do our lawns. Therefore, a lawn renovation is a necessary step in having a healthy lawn.

The Importance Of A Lawn Renovation

Some homeowners tend to forget about the importance of renovating their lawns. It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of fall. Although, lawn renovations help maintain your lawn’s composure. There are three important steps to take when pursuing a lawn renovation.

1. Aeration is the First Step Towards Success

Typically aeration is the first step in a lawn renovation process. Aeration allows your soil to breathe. When the sun’s heat beats down on your lawn in the summer, it loses its nutrients. The heat dries out your lawn making it compact.

Therefore, aeration is a process that opens up the soil. Throughout the aeration process, tiny plugs from the soil are removed. The removal of these plugs allows nutrients and water to seep deep into the roots. Once these needed nutrients are absorbed, your lawn will be nourished once again.

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2. Stimulate Proper Growth With Seeding

Seeding is an important step in the lawn renovation process. Kansas typically has cool-seeded grasses. Therefore, it’s important to seed through October.

At Aspen, our lawn care process involves proper seeding. We ensure that our grass seeds aren’t filled with weed seeds. Unfortunately, most big box stores contain weed seeds in their seeding packages. This is extremely important to look out for as it can severely harm your lawn.

At Aspen, seeding is an important element within our lawn renovation process in Overland Park KS, South Johnson County, Hallbrook, Leawood, Loch Loyd, Lionsgate, Cedar Creek, Johnson County, IronHorse, Mission Hills, Tuscany, Fairway, and Berkshire.

Lawn Seeding Service in Overland Park

Most homeowners forget about the importance of incorporating verticutting into lawn renovations. Verticutting helps the soil properly absorb grass seeds. It spreads the seeds deep into the soil’s layers allowing them to germinate properly.

After seeding is applied to your lawn, a verticutting machine essentially slices your lawn. It “cuts” the grass seeds into the soil. Homeowners adore verticutting as it gives their lawn a crisp and even appearance instantly.

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