Professional Lawn Maintenance in Overland Park

When you think about home lawn maintenance in Overland Park, what comes to mind?

Do you sigh?

Do you instantly sigh at the thought of spending an entire day slaving away in your backyard? If so, we get it. You’re busy juggling your career, a family, friends or perhaps making time for your hobbies – where does lawn maintenance fit into all of that?

Or are you relieved?

Here’s a twist  – when you think about lawn maintenance in Overland Park, don’t sigh. Instead, your lawn maintenance could already be scheduled to be completed when you call Aspen Lawn & Landscape.

Cross lawn maintenance off of your to-do list.

With Aspen Lawn and Landscape, we value relationships with our customers. Which means we will do what needs to be done for them to maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn without the hassle. Therefore, we perform a variety of lawn maintenance services in Overland Park. That’s one more thing to cross off your to-do list.

Sprinkler Turn On & Winterization

Sprinkler System Repair Service in Kansas City

Aspen can not only install your sprinkler system but can safely and successfully turn it on annually it as well. Sprinkler system service turn-on is an additional benefit of our sprinkler system service program in Overland Park KS.

During the hot summers, your sprinkler system works tirelessly to keep your lawn looking beautiful, but it is important that it is shut down correctly before winter to prevent freezing and cracking of the irrigation lines.

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Lawn Aeration & Verticutting

Verticutting or verti-slicing helps to incorporate the seed into the soil layer so that it will germinate properly. Talk to Aspen if you’re planning on seeding this fall, as verticutting may also be a good idea to ensure those new seeds from the strongest roots in your yard!

After the long, hot summer months, aeration opens up the hardened soil and allows water and nutrients to flow into the all-important root zone.

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Shrub & Tree Trimming

Our shrub trimming experts are required to be able to easily identify every plant in your landscape to know what each one needs and how they should be trimmed.

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