As a lawn care and landscaping company in Overland Park, we have worked on every kind of residential and commercial property in our area. If you are looking to improve your lawn’s appearance, we can help. Consider the following tips for lawn care in Overland Park and beyond.

Landscaping Tip #1 – Cut Your Lawn Regularly – Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Regular lawn cutting helps you maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape. Waiting too long between mowing allows weeds to take root and can damage your grass. As a general rule, remove no more than one-third of the height when you mow.

Landscaping Tip #2 – Don’t Cut Grass When it’s Wet

When you cut wet grass, it can create an uneven cut and clump together on your lawn. It is also harder to clean up and can clog your lawnmower. If your lawn is wet, wait until it dries to mow.

Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Landscaping Tip #3 – Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

A sharp mower blade is essential for clean and precise cuts. Dull blades take more time to do the same job as it would take with sharp blades. You can sharpen your own blades at home or take them to a mower shop.

Landscaping Tip #4 – Keep Your Lawn, Bushes, and Trees Hydrated

Proper hydration is crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn, bushes, and trees. Consider using drip irrigation systems for trees and bushes to provide deep watering without wasting excess water. Automated sprinkler systems are ideal for the bulk of your lawn.

Landscaping Tip #5 – Aerate Your Lawn

Regular aeration prevents thatch buildup and promotes vigorous root growth. Most professionals recommend aerating your lawn at least once a year, but it may need it at another interval. Talk to a landscaping company in Overland Park for a more precise recommendation.

Landscaping Tip #6 – Fertilize Your Lawn Seasonally

The most attractive residential lawns are fertilized regularly. Nonetheless, over-fertilization can burn your grass and kill it at the root. Always follow the recommended application rates and choose a fertilizer suitable for your lawn type.

Landscaping Tip #7 – Use Mulch to Protect Your Plants

Mulching around your plants adds aesthetic appeal and provides numerous other benefits. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and prevents the sun from damaging the exposed part of a plant’s root system.

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Landscaping Tip #8 – Choose Native Plants

When planning and designing your landscape, consider incorporating native plants. Native plants are more likely to succeed in native soil and consume moisture at a rate commensurate with local rainfall.

Landscaping Tip #9 – Weed Consistently – Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Weeding may not be the most enjoyable task, but it’s crucial for a healthy lawn. Weeds compete with your desired plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight, robbing them of essential resources.

Landscaping Tip #10 – Mow in Different Directions

It’s a common practice to mow your lawn in the same direction every time. However, this can lead to compacted soil and cause your grass to grow at an angle. To prevent this, try mowing in different directions each time you cut the grass. This will encourage upright growth and allow for better air circulation.

Landscaping Tip #11 – Test Your Soil

Knowing your soil’s pH level is crucial for lawn care. At-home soil testing kits are available at plant nurseries, or you can have a professional test it for more precise results.

Landscaping Tip #12 – Avoid Overwatering

Overwatering is wasteful and can cause your water bill to skyrocket. Be sure to only water when needed and adjust according to weather conditions.

Landscaping Tip #13 – Hire an Experienced Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Landscaping and lawn care takes time, effort, and expertise. An experienced landscaping company in Overland Park can handle the bulk of the labor for you.

Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Landscaping Tip #14 – Don’t Neglect Your Trees and Shrubs

While most focus is on maintaining your lawn, remember your trees and shrubs too. Pruning, fertilizing, and mulching them are essential for their health and appearance. Follow proper pruning techniques and remove any dead or damaged branches to prevent disease from spreading.

Landscaping Tip #15 – Clean Up After Mowing

After mowing your lawn, don’t forget to clean up any clippings and debris. Leaving them on the grass can block sunlight, suffocate the blades, and promote disease. Plus, it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Investing in a good rake or using a bag attachment on your mower can make this task easier.

Landscaping Tip #16 – Consider Using Natural Alternatives

Chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers may seem like the easiest solution for lawn care. However, they can harm beneficial insects, wildlife, and your family’s health. Consider using natural alternatives such as neem oil or compost tea to control pests and provide nutrients for your lawn. Ask a lawn care company in Overland Park for help identifying the best strategy.

Landscaping Tip #17 – Don’t Overload Your Garden Beds

Garden beds add color and texture to your landscape. However, overloading them with too many plants can prevent them from flourishing.

Landscaping Tip #18 – Don’t Ignore Drainage Problems

If your lawn doesn’t drain adequately, you will notice puddles, bald spots, and uneven growth. If your lawn isn’t draining efficiently, it can be leveled. A professional landscaping company in Overland Park can help with this.

Landscaping Tip #19 – Use Organic Mulch – Landscaping Company in Overland Park

Organic mulches, such as wood chips or bark, are a great way to protect your plants and keep moisture in the soil. They also improve soil health as they break down over time.

Landscaping Tip #20 – Choose Low-Maintenance Landscaping Elements

Lawn maintenance can be time-consuming and expensive if you choose a complex landscaping design. Fortunately, it is possible to have a beautiful lawn that requires relatively little maintenance.

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Landscaping Tip #21 – Know Your Plant’s Sun Requirements

Before planting, be sure to research the sun requirements of your desired plants. Don’t place plants requiring full sun in the shade. Don’t place shade plants in a sunny spot.

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