Lawn Care Company in Overland Park: A 101 Guide on Caring for Your Amazing Yard —Is enough care being given to your lawn? Enroll in one of our healthy lawn programs to start planning your lawn care routine for the approaching season. You can relax knowing that Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, a premier lawn care company in Overland Park, has you covered with our 100% guarantee policy when you give us the reins.

Moreover, early registration guarantees that all applications are completed at the appropriate time of the season, providing you with the best results and turning your yard into the talk of the neighborhood.

What ought to be on your lawn’s action plan?

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Lawn Care Company in Overland Park: Apply fertilizer

Multiple fertilizer applications are part of our season-long lawn care program. Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, an Overland Park fertilization company, uses a 65 percent slow-release, granular fertilizer with an emphasis on nutrition for your lawn. Your lawn receives gradual feedings from our premium mixture only when necessary. This means that instead of feasting all at once, grass plants can feed for up to eight weeks. A properly fertilized lawn is more resilient to disease, drought, and weed infestation and looks healthier and greener.

Control of Weeds

Our weed control treatments are made at the peak germination periods of broadleaf weeds for maximum effectiveness, and full-program customers also benefit from them. Desirable lawn grasses compete with weeds for nutrients, light, space, and water. If left unchecked, they have the potential to become very aggressive and take over a lawn. The Environmental Protection Agency tests and registers each of our products, and qualified professionals apply them all.
Lawn Care Company in Overland ParkLawn Care Company in Overland Park: Watering

Watering is one of the main problems that homeowners have with their lawns. During the lawn care season, inquiries like “how much should I water?” and “how long do I need to water for?” are frequent, especially in July and August when the hot, dry weather leaves neighboring lawns looking a little worn out.

It is undeniable that water is essential for the survival of your lawn. However, excessive wetness can cause costly issues that may need major reconstruction as well as unwelcome turf diseases. Inadequate irrigation during the day can also make your lawn more susceptible to fungi that destroy turf. So, how can one strike a balance?

Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, a Top Lawn Care Company in Overland Park, Tips for Watering

A helpful profile featuring the “Dos & Don’ts” of watering has been made by Aspen Lawn & Pest Control. Please be aware that this is merely a suggestion; for more detailed instructions tailored to your particular climate and type of turfgrass, get in touch with your local expert on lawn care in Overland Park.


Water your lawn in a deep, even soak to encourage a healthy root system. The “shower” setting on the nozzle of your hose mimics rainfall patterns and should do the trick.

Wet your lawn with several light sprinklings. Spotty sprinklers are not recommended.


Water your lawn in the early morning while the air is still cool.

Water in the afternoon or evening. Afternoon watering causes water to evaporate too quickly, while evening watering promotes extended leaf wetness and the spread of disease.

Water your lawn when it needs it. Pay attention to factors such as temperature, sunlight and natural precipitation patterns in your area. Lawns generally require about 1-1.5 inches of water per week to thrive.

Water for the sake of watering. Overwatering is detrimental to your lawn’s health and can contribute to the development of fungus and disease.

Position your irrigation system so that water reaches your grass.
Point your sprinkler system at the road, fence, driveway or neighbor’s yard.

Pay close attention to any changes in your lawn’s appearance. When your grass needs water, it will take on a bluish-gray tint. Footprints will also make a more visible mark on the lawn. When this occurs, water immediately regardless of the time of day. 

Ignore changes in color, consistency or thickness of your lawn.

Lawn Care Company in Overland Park: Cutting grass

A well-groomed lawn is undoubtedly a bonus, but maintaining your lawn goes beyond just making your house look better from the outside, according to Aspen Lawn & Pest Control – a top lawn care company in Overland Park. In fact, good mowing techniques contribute to the lawn’s health and vitality. Homeowners frequently adopt bad cultural care practices that have the potential to harm turf grasses of all kinds.

Prior to Mowing

A lawn that has been cut correctly is healthier, thicker, and more resilient to weeds, insects, and diseases. For optimum appearance, lawns should be mowed on a regular basis, at the right height, and with a sharp mower blade for a neat cut and deep root development. To put it into perspective, consider how a grass plant’s root system grows in proportion to the blades that are above ground. In light of this, a deeper, stronger root system will arise from a longer cutting height.

You will need to monitor your lawn closely in the spring and summer, as it may need to be mowed more than once a week during the season of maximum growth. In slow-growing times, though, it might only require cutting once every ten to fourteen days.
Tips for Turf-Friendly Mowing

Desire a healthier, greener, and more robust lawn? Who doesn’t? Keep your lawn in peak condition by adhering to these straightforward guidelines:

  • Mow more frequently during periods of active growth (every 3–4 days).

  • Every time you mow, change up your mow patterns to maintain robust, straight grass growth.

  • For a tidy cut, keep the blade on your mower sharp.

  • For added nutrition, grasscycle your blades back into your lawn.

  • To keep a sharper cut and prevent slips and falls, mow your lawn when it’s dry.

  • Never mow more than one-third of a grass blade at a time.

Measure the distance between the ground and the lawn mower’s base to determine the height of the blades.

Grass TypeMowing Height (in.)
Kentucky bluegrass2.5-3.5
Tall fescue2.5-4.0
St. Augustine2.5-4.0

Recycling Scraps: Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, a Lawn Care Company in Overland Park, Says Hold On to Those Cuttings!
Lawn Care Company in Overland Park

Consider taking part in grasscycling, which is a technique that includes redistributing grass clippings to the lawn after mowing, before you rake and bag those clippings. By using this environmentally friendly technique, grass clippings can naturally break down on the lawn and replenish the soil with essential nutrients. Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, a lawn care company in Overland Park, suggests utilizing a mulching mower for optimal outcomes, as it will facilitate a more even dispersal of grass clippings and expedite the breakdown of the repurposed grass plants. Never let grass clippings accumulate on the lawn.

Make sure that your aspirations for your house and garden are met. Join forces with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, an experienced lawn care in Overland Park, to create an action plan for your lawn this year; we’ll handle the rest!

Lawn Care Company in Overland Park: Experience the Aspen Advantage

At Aspen Lawn Care, we’re more than just a lawn and landscaping company in Overland Park – we’re your partners in creating outdoor spaces that inspire. Our commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the local environment set us apart as the go-to choice for all your lawn care needs. Whether you’re seeking regular landscape maintenance, irrigation solutions, sprinkler installation, or lawn revitalization through professional fertilizing and lawn care in Overland Park, we have the expertise and dedication to transform your vision into a reality.

Why Choose Aspen?

Expert Team: Our team of experienced professionals comprises skilled technicians and knowledgeable horticulturists who are passionate about delivering exceptional results.
Tailored Solutions: We understand that every property is unique. Our lawn care company in Overland Park provides services that are customized to suit your specific requirements, ensuring the best possible outcome for your landscape. Whether you need sprinkler service in Overland Park or an Overland Park lawn care company, we’ve got you covered for all your lawn and landscape needs.
Cutting-Edge Technology: From irrigation systems to sprinkler installation, we leverage advanced technology to optimize efficiency, water usage, and overall performance.
Sustainability: We believe in environmentally conscious practices. Our lawn care company in Overland Park is designed to enhance the beauty of your property. We also strive to minimize water waste and promote sustainability.
Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. We’re dedicated to clear communication, timely services, and exceeding your expectations at every step.

Transforming your outdoor space starts with a simple step – contact our team at Aspen – then schedule your premium lawn care in Overland Park today.

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