Are you living the lush life in Overland Park, Kansas, or merely mowing through the motions with your current lawn care routine? If the extent of your landscaping excitement is watching grass grow—literally—it’s high time to shake things up with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, an Overland Park lawn care company!

Imagine transforming your yard from a plain green canvas into a vibrant masterpiece, complete with a chic patio for soirées, ornamental foliage that whispers tales of exotic lands, and a cleanup so thorough it would make Marie Kondo proud. Dive into the verdant possibilities as we explore how to turn your lawn from “meh” to magnificent with a sprinkle of creativity and the right lawn care partner by your side.

Now, let’s talk grassy glam and garden grandeur—beyond the basic buzz cut your lawn receives. Sure, keeping your turf trimmed is a start, but there’s a whole world of green-thumb glamour you’re probably missing out on. Have you ever flirted with the idea of fertilization programs, or is your knowledge of aeration as thin as over-trimmed grass?

Get ready, for Aspen Lawn & Pest Control, a landscaping company in Overland Park is here to introduce you to the high society of lawn care, featuring a seven-step fertilization program that’s like a spa treatment for your soil. Ready to elevate your outdoor space from simple to stunning? Keep reading to discover the secret garden of services that await with your trusty lawn care company in Overland Park.


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In addition to routine upkeep and mowing, you can count on your reliable landscaping company in Overland Park as a provider for additional ways to make your Kansas property look better. Maybe you’ve been wanting to build a patio area, add some ornamental foliage, or do a thorough cleanup in preparation for a large outdoor gathering. Get the most out of your current lawn care service by reading on for tips on how to design the yard of your dreams using a variety of approaches.

Programs for Maintenance

Although you keep your yard trimmed, there might be more you could be doing to develop a thick, lush lawn. Talking to your expert on lawn care in Overland Park about fertilization programs might be something you’re not doing. Fertilizing your lawn involves more than just spreading fertilizer pellets; a professional lawn care provider understands precisely what nutrients your backyard needs and when to apply them. For optimal grass growth, you could also talk about aeration and scheduling seasonal fertilization.


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Fertilization with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control Our Seven-Step Fertilization Program


Step 1 –Granular Slow-Release-Pre-Emergent Fertilizer

This granular 50% slow-release fertilizer application provides essential nutrients to provide excellent spring color while providing a barrier against grassy weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, and goosegrass.

Step 2 –Liquid Weed Spray with–Pre-Emergent

This liquid application eliminates broadleaf weeds in the lawn and provides the second barrier of pre-emergent to protect against grassy weeds.

Step 3 –Summer Fertilizer

This granular fertilizer application is 100% slow release. This will slowly feed the turf through summer. We will also spot spray any broadleaf weeds as needed.

Step 4 –Grub Control

The key to controlling grubs is to kill them before they hatch and cause damage to your lawn. This granular insecticide will provide you with season long grub control.

Step 5 –Summer Weed Control

This liquid application targets nutsedge and summer broadleaf weeds. Your turf manager will evaluate the lawn and fall seeding recommendations are sent during this time.

Step 6 –Fall Fertilizer

This granular application helps the turf recover from the extreme summer and promotes excellent fall color.

Step 7 –Winterizer

This granular heavy nitrogen application provides the turf with a large food reserve over winter and promotes early spring green up.

Have your trees, shrubs, and flower beds recently seemed a little neglected? In this case, your landscaping company in Overland Park can also assist you. They can be relied upon to examine your trees and prune them if needed. They can also include pruning and weeding in their weekly service.

Temporary Assistance

Your landscape could be kept clear throughout the winter by the same business you depend on to cut your grass and remove leaves at the end of fall. Many landscaping companies in Overland Park like Aspen maintain their driveways and walkways safe for traffic throughout the winter by taking advantage of their “off season.” The same trustworthy business could maintain your property looking its best whether you need assistance removing ice or spreading mulch.

Construction and Style

There are a lot of things you can do with your backyard besides just having grass, mulch, trees, and flowers that you see every day. Full-service lawn care businesses can provide you suggestions on how to enhance your landscape and make it a more popular attraction.

Your trusted lawn care in Overland Park may be the best choice if you’ve ever envied your neighbor’s paver patio, considered expanding your driveway, or wanted to improve the appearance of your pool area. Your landscaping company in Overland Park service can assist you in realizing all of your landscaping dreams, whether they include a gorgeous front walkway, a sunny new sitting area in the backyard, or a new flower bed by the back porch.


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Even if all you want to do is add a little flare to your backyard, your lawn care provider might have the ideal answer. Maybe some pathway lighting leading to your front door or accent lighting on a large oak tree would completely change the appearance of your house. Asking your expert landscaping company in Overland Park about landscape lighting is something you might not have thought about, but it could have a big impact on your yard.

Ask your reliable landscape experts for advice on how to improve the aesthetics and resale value of your house rather than depending solely on them for routine tasks like lawn care in Overland Park.


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