Kansas City’s Sprinkler Winterization System Service.

The time is now! Homeowners in the Kansas City area should schedule their annual sprinkler winterization system service while they still can. The leaves are falling and the first frost is near! Before the ground starts to freeze, it’s important to properly shut down your sprinkler.

Why? Because your sprinkler is a vital piece to maintain the appearance of your lawn during the warmer months and it needs to stay protected during the winter months. A professional sprinkler winterization system service can save you a headache and the costs of repairs!

Top 3 Reasons to Schedule Kansas City’s Sprinkler Winterization System Service.

Aspen Lawn & Landscape offers a professional sprinkler winterization system service for homeowners in Kansas City. Last month we talked about the importance of choosing a professional to perform your sprinkler winterization service. Since the time frame is too short, we decided we should talk about the main benefits once again.

1. Avoid the Cost of Repairs

Sprinkler systems are costly investments that take time and financial resources to install & maintain. To ensure your sprinkler is running at full capacity next summer, it is essential to blow out all of the remaining water left in irrigation system pipes, valves, and other components. Why? Because when it freezes, the water can expand which can crack or damage the system.

2. Save Your Tap Water From Fertilizers & Pesticides

A professional sprinkler winterization system service can protect your home’s tap water system from fertilizers and pesticides. If

Kansas City's Sprinkler Winterization System Service

any remaining water freezes in your Backflow Prevention Device, it can crack which no longer prevents things like fertilizers and pesticides flowing into your tap water. The Backflow Prevention Device is one of the most expensive components of a typical irrigation system – so damage can cost a homeowner big money.

3. Don’t Dig Up Your Landscaping

If you have to repair or replace your irrigation system, it can result in a team of professionals digging up the areas of your yard. Be proactive instead of reactive and take the proper steps to protect your sprinkler.


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