It’s not too late to protect your sprinkler with an irrigation winterization service in Kansas City.

Irrigation Winterization Service in Kansas City

Wow, where did fall go? At Aspen Lawn Care, our team has been busy servicing homes with irrigation winterization services in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. However, we’re still offering irrigation winterization services to homeowners that have yet to protect their sprinkler during the winter months.

Top 3 Questions from Homeowners about an Irrigation Winterization Service in Kansas City.

Some areas in Kansas City have already experienced its first frost. However, since we’ve experienced higher temperatures, there’s still time to winterize your sprinkler before we face more severe freezes and weather conditions. Homeowners often ask us the following questions if they’re unsure if they should schedule a winterization service.

1. “Why winterize my sprinkler?”

It’s a question we hear, most often, from new homeowners. While winterization can appear to be an additional maintenance cost, it’s actually a proactive step to ensure your irrigation system works for future summer seasons.

2. “What can happen to my sprinkler?”

After you shut off your sprinkler, there is usually leftover water in the pipes. When the remaining water freezes, the water can expand and crack or damage the system. If this is the case, when summer rolls around, you’re looking at high repair costs.

3. “Okay, so what do I need to do?”

To ensure your sprinkler is running at full capacity next summer, it is essential to blow out all of the remaining water left in irrigation system pipes, valves, and other components.

This simple service can protect your system, protect your home’s tap water system from fertilizers and pesticides, and the additional costs of digging up the areas of your yard.

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