Be on the lookout for turfgrass diseases in your yard in the next few months.  Brown areas may start to appear and it might not always be drought.  They may be cause by humidity and excessively wet conditions.

Brown Patch Fungus

Grasses At Risk

  • All common turf grasses
  • Especially lush, cool-season grasses
  • Tall fescue lawns

Environmental Influences

  • Hot, wet and humid weather patterns
  • Daytime temperatures 80 to mid 90's
  • Nightime temperatures warm, mid 60s and above
  • Abundant rainfall

Areas of increased susceptibility

  • Overly irrigated sites
  • Wet soils and poor drainage
  • Shaded lawn areas
  • Lawn areas with little to no air movement


  • Irregular to circular patches (6 inches to 2 feet in diameter)
  • Patches variable shades of tan to brown
  • Outer edges of patch may be darker
  • Irregularly shaped dark lesions on leaves
  • Gray to white fungal growth when turf is wet and during high humidity (may be seen in the early morning with dew)

Talk to our trained staff about preventative and curative measures you can take with your lawn.