There are many reasons turf does not thrive in the conditions that we expect them to.  In the decision to renovate and to what extent to do so, here are some of the top reasons your turf may not be succeeding.

  1. Mowing too low
  2. Over or under-irrigation
  3. poor or compacted soil from intial construction practice
  4. Thatch accumulation
  5. Excessively wet, dry or shaded areas
  6. Disease and insect stresses
  7. Too much competition from crabgrass and other weeds
  8. Improper or poor quality grass species used at point of installation or species of grasses are out of balance
  9. Improper soil pH, causing nutrient defeciencies

When deciding to complete your fall renovation this year, look to some of these problems and make next year a great year for your turf!

Remember the best time to complete fall renovations is starting NOW!!!  Mid-August through Mid-September