Nothing says “April showers bring May flowers,” more than drainage solutions. That’s right – Drainage solutions in the Overland Park and Kansas City area have never been easier. A prime trait of a well-kept lawn is a hydrated lawn. Your lawn needs to be properly hydrated to be able to sustain itself in the hot Kansas weather. Team up with Aspen to discover what type of drainage solution your home needs this year.

What type of drainage solution should I get?

Deciding which type of drainage solution to purchase in Overland Park and Kansas City can be a difficult decision. There are a variety of options homeowners can choose from with Aspen Lawn. We offer a handful of drainage solutions such as French drains, downspouts, dry creeks, etc. Each option is a viable solution to solving drainage issues within the home. Let us walk you through the types of drainage solutions in Kansas City and Overland Park, that you can get for your home.

What are French drains?

After a rainfall, water tends to accumulate in one’s yard. When the water collects, it doesn’t allow for a solid escape route for the water, causing it to damage your lawn. A French drain in Kansas City requires creating a small, stylish trench in your yard by removing dirt. The trench is then filled with rock, gravel, or sometimes a hollow pipe. These rocks or gravel work to disperse the water over a wider surface area. When the water is dispersed evenly across the rocks, it solves the issue of standing water problems. Installing a French drain in Kansas City and Overland Park is a prime way to keep water from accumulating in your lawn.

Drainage Solutions in Overland Park KS


What is a downspout drainage solution?

If your home tends to collect rainwater along the foundation, downspout extensions may be a solution for your drainage issues. When water collects around the home’s foundation, it can damage the parameters of your home. Installing a downspout drainage solution solves this issue and steers water away from your home. A downspout in Kansas City and Overland Park is a simple way to solve issues with rainwater.

What are dry creek drains?

Drainage Solutions in Overland Park KS
Dry Creek drainage solutions in Overland Park and Kansas City are an easy solution with Aspen. They are a formation of stones or rocks that create a stylish look. These rocks form to build a dry creek that guides the water out. Inserting a dry creek drain in Overland Park and Kansas City helps to prevent against erosion. The rocks imitate the natural flow of water, allowing it to easily be released from your lawn.

Looking for a dry creek drain, french drain, or downspout in Overland Park or Kansas City? Get a free quote from Aspen!

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