Bed Maintenance

Deep water trees

Due to the extreme heat and drought trees need an extra drink.   Although most people feel the irrigation is enough its not, deep watering is the key and will keep your tree from early dormany and in some cases death.  You should be watering trees 1 to 2 times a week with a hose for 20 minutes on a trickel with the hosed placed 2 to 3ft away from the trunk .

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Overwintering Tropical Plants

Tropicals are expensive to replace every year so if you have some you really like you can overwinter them in your house or basement.  Most tropicals will overwinter with minimal care all that is required is to water once a month and make sure they recieve some light.  Light can be provided naturally or by artifical lighting.

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Dormant Pruning

Don't forget to cut your ornamental grasses and shrub roses back this spring before spring growth starts.  This is important to remove old growth as well as encourage new, healthy growth.


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Another possible disease brought on by this crazy weather

Lirope is consider the  bullet-proof  by most gardners but dry weather and  excessive watering creates new problem. We are seeing a new disease  described as crown rot, caused by Phytophthora palmivora. The disease is exacerbated by wet soil so don’t do any irrigation for the rest of the summer. Fungicide drenches can control the disease but they are too expensive to consider

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When to fertilize your Azaleas?

Feed your Azaleas every two months with an acid type fertilizer (mir-acid) starting from the onset of new spring growth, until late summer.  If chlorosis occurs (yellow foliage with green veins), treat plants with a product containing chelated iron.

Azaleas need and thrive in acidic soils.  Ideal PH is 4-5.5.  Always take a soil test to determine PH before planting these plants in your lawn.  Once Azaleas are established and you have reached the correct PH levels, you may need to fertilize as much.

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“Dog Vomit Fungus”, what?

Have you ever seen the lovely sight of the "Dog Vomit Fungus" growing in a mulched area ? The Dog Vomit Fungus is not a fungus, but a slime mold. I guess calling it the "Dog Vomit Slime Mold" wasn't very appealing to the International Association of Slime Mold Naming Scientists (IASMNS). Anyway, its scientific name is Fuligo septica. Which, when roughly translated into english means, "sticky stuff on the bottom of Bob's shoe". The next stage in the life of this slime mold is quite depressing.

“Dog Vomit Fungus”, what?2024-03-08T13:34:00-06:00
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