As the seasons change, lawn care protocols change with it. Regardless of your current lawn tendencies, it’s extremely important to begin helpful lawn care habits when the cold weather comes in, such as seeding, aeration, irrigation repair and much more.

At Aspen, we saw what homeowners were lacking – quality, professional lawn care in the colder months. We are here to solve that.

Obtain A Healthy, Lush Lawn With Professional Seeding

Seeding has become imperative for homeowners in the fall and winter months. Professional seeding has the ability to transform your lawn into a vivid and healthy lawn. Without professional seeding in place, your lawn may be receiving the wrong treatment. For example, many big box stores provide weed-ridden seeding. This is extremely unhealthy for your lawn’s composure.

At Aspen, we provide a state-of-the-art seeding program. This program uses highly-rated seeds. A popular form of seeding is surprisingly known as over-seeding. When professionals use over seeding techniques, your lawn will become disease-ridden. This also aids in improving the density of your lawn. Therefore, seeding has the ability to transform unhealthy lawns into lush, healthy lawns.

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Nourish Your Soil With An Exceptional Aeration Program

Aeration is a technique that many homeowners don’t take proper advantage of. Specifically in the fall months, aeration is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give your lawn. Aeration is the gift that lets your lawn breathe.

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What are the benefits of aeration?

After the summer weather, aeration is a needed process for lawns. Without proper aeration, your lawn won’t be able to properly absorb nutrients. Let’s walk through the benefits of aeration.

Nutrients: When the sun beats down in the summer, it completely takes the moisture and nutrients away. Therefore, your soil becomes compact and dry, unable to retain these nutrients. Once your lawn goes through aeration, there is enough room available for nutrients to be absorbed. The nutrients reach deep into the roots, ensuring your lawn will be nutrient-rich and stable.

Proper Hydration: We just learned that nutrients are taken away, but moisture is also taken away. Any lawn care professional will be able to tell you that without proper moisture, your lawn can’t survive. Thankfully, once plugs are removed during the aeration process, hydration is now easily allowed access deep into the roots.

Stable Soil: Lawns can become compact and tough. This is an apparent sign for homeowners to begin an aeration program. If your lawn receives a handful of foot traffic, it definitely has become a compact lawn. Compact lawns are another reason why needed nutrients and moisture aren’t reaching your lawn. Although, with an aeration program, your lawn will be able to loosen up and receive the necessities it deserves.

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