18 Tips for Successful Pest Control in Overland Park

Pest control in Overland Park is critical to keep your home and lawn free of dangerous and disease-carrying pests. Anyone can spray a pesticide or set out a few mouse traps, but a successful pest control strategy requires a more coordinated approach. Follow these simple tips from a professional pest control company in Overland Park.


Tip #1 – Identify the Pests You Need to Stop – Pest Control in Overland Park

Before beginning a pest control strategy, you need to know what kind of pests you’re dealing with.


Tip #2 – Choose Traps and Pesticides that Won’t Harm Your Family or Your Pets

It’s important to use pest control products that are safe for both your family and any pets you may have. When choosing pesticides, look for those with natural ingredients or those labeled as “pet-friendly.”


Pest Control in Overland Park


Tip #3 – Stop Infestations Before They Start

The best way to prevent an infestation of pests is to keep them out of your house and yard in the first place. Inspect the perimeter of your house for any points of entry. Seal cracks and gaps with caulk, repair broken screens, and replace weather stripping around windows and doors. Make sure your roof vents and soffits are sealed as well.


Tip #4 – Identify Food Sources

Pests are attracted to food, so keeping all potential food sources properly sealed and stored away is critical. Store food in airtight containers, deep freezers, or refrigerators. Make sure pet and bird feed is kept in a secure container as well. Clean up any spills immediately to reduce the risk of pests being attracted to them.


Tip #5 – Keep Your Home Clean and Dry – Pest Control in Overland Park

Pests love warm, dark, and moist places, so it’s important to keep your home clean and dry. Vacuum frequently, mop hard surfaces regularly, and ensure areas around sinks and tubs are dry. Repair any leaks or damaged pipes as soon as possible and keep clutter to a minimum.


Tip #6 – Ask Your Neighbors About Their Experiences with Common Pests.

If you’re dealing with a common pest like ants or mice, ask your neighbors if they’ve had to deal with them. They may have useful tips and suggestions. Plus, they’ll be able to let you know what kind of products and methods they used for successful pest control in their homes.


Pest Control in Overland Park


Tip #7 – Be Careful When Purchasing Firewood

Pest control in Overland Park isn’t always difficult. Before purchasing firewood, inspect it for signs of cockroaches, termites, spiders, or anything else. If you find anything threatening, don’t bring it home.


Tip #8 – Keep Your Lawn Neatly Trimmed and Free of Debris

Pests love to hide, so it’s essential to keep your lawn free of debris. Mow regularly and rake leaves or branches that have fallen in your yard. If you have overgrown vegetation, trim it back to keep pests from congregating in these areas.


Tip #9 – Remove Standing Water or Moisture Sources

Standing water and moisture sources are like a magnet for pests, so it’s important to remove any standing water or potential moisture sources around your home. Ensure gutters are clear of debris and check for any leaks or broken pipes that may be causing moisture to accumulate.


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Tip #10 – Keep Your Garbage Sealed

Garbage is another food source for pests, so always keep your garbage sealed. Use a tightly sealed trash can with a lid, and make sure you empty the bins regularly. Don’t forget to clean the inside of the bins periodically to remove any food residue.


Tip #11 – Try Using Repellents in Problem Areas

If you have an area of your home prone to pest infestations, try using repellents such as ultrasonic devices or odor-based products like moth balls. These products can help keep pests away without the use of harsh chemicals.


Tip #12 – Inspect Any Items You Bring into Your Home

If you’ve recently brought in any items from outside, take the time to inspect them for any signs of infestation. Look for droppings or nests, and if you find anything, discard the item immediately. This is especially important with used furniture as you never know what kind of pests may be hiding inside.


Pest Control in Overland Park


Tip #13 – Clear Away Any Debris Around Your Home

The first step of pest control in Overland Park is to eliminate potential hiding and nesting places. Pests are attracted to areas with high amounts of debris, so clear away any piles of leaves or wood around your home. If you have a shed or garage that is home to piles of junk, make sure it’s cleared out and the area is dry.


Tip #14 – Inspect Your Home and Yard Regularly

Treating a pest problem before it gets out of hand is always best. Look for mouse droppings, termite tracks, ant trails, and similar signs that common pests are present. Once you see signs of a problem, act fast.


Tip #15 – Check Your Pets for Fleas and Ticks – Pest Control in Overland Park

Fleas and ticks are more common problems for pet owners. Talk to your veterinarian for help treating your animals if they seem to be scratching constantly. Fleas and ticks often carry disease and will bite humans.


Tip #16 – Keep Your Landscaping is Well-Maintained

Pests can be attracted to overgrown landscaping, so regularly trim shrubs and trees and keep the grass mowed. If you have any standing water in your yard, make sure it can drain properly.


Tip #17 – Hire an Experienced Company for Pest Control in Overland Park

If you know your problem is severe, we recommend you hire a professional pest control company. They will have the experience and resources to eliminate pests in your home or yard without making you sick.


Pest Control in Overland Park


Tip #18 – Don’t Neglect the Outside of Your Home

Make sure to inspect your home’s exterior for entry points. Pay special attention to areas around windows, doors, and the foundation. Seal any cracks or openings you find with caulk, and permanently repair any damaged screens or weather stripping.


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