10 Helpful Tips from a Top Landscaping Company in Overland Park

A well-crafted landscaping design can turn your home from average to extraordinary. If you want to redesign the green areas around your home, we want to help. Carefully consider implementing some of the following ideas from an experienced landscaping company in Overland Park.


Landscaping Tip #1 – Keep Landscaping Simple

The best landscaping designs are simple. Simple designs often use shrubs, flowers, and trees that are low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. You may also consider using hardscape elements such as patios, rocks, gravel, and benches for functional outdoor living spaces.


Landscaping Tip #2 – Use Native Plants

Consider plants native to your area. Native plants often require less maintenance than non-native varieties. Plants native to your environment are also more likely to thrive because they are accustomed to the climate and soil conditions.


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Landscaping Tip #3 – Use Stone for Walkways

Walkways can add visual interest to your landscaping design. Instead of using traditional pavers or concrete, consider stone pathways for a more natural feel. Stone walkways are also low-maintenance and long-lasting.


Landscaping Tip #4 – Design for Easy Lawn Mowing – Landscaping Company in Overland Park

If you’re installing a lawn, design it with mowing in mind. To ensure easy mowing, create straight lines between different sections of your landscape. You may also use grasses or plants that require less maintenance and are more resistant to pests and disease.


Landscaping Tip #5 – Use Plants to Form Natural Barriers instead of Fences

Instead of installing a traditional fence, consider using plants to form natural barriers. Hedges and shrubs can be used to create privacy while also adding visual interest to your landscaping design. Your landscaping company in Overland Park can help you design and plant these types of barriers.


Landscaping Tip #6 – Plant Climate-Appropriate Trees, Bushes, and Flowers

Choose plants that are compatible with the local climate. You don’t want all your plants to die the first winter or during the first heat wave.


Landscaping Tip #7 – Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can turn your yard into a nighttime oasis. Strategically placed lights make outdoor spaces more inviting and can contribute to making your home safer.


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Landscaping Tip #8 – Landscaping Should Blend into Its Environment

Landscaping should blend into the existing environment and complement your home’s style. Consider using colors, materials, and styles that match the architecture of your home for a more cohesive look.


Landscaping Tip #9 – Consider How Your Landscaping Will Look in Every Season

When designing your landscape, consider how it will look in every season. For example, evergreen shrubs and trees can maintain their color throughout the year, while annual flowers provide seasonal interest. If you want to ensure your landscape looks great all year, we recommend irrigation services in Overland Park.


Landscaping Tip #10 – Use Contrast for Visual Interest

Contrasting colors and textures can add visual interest to your landscape. Consider using plants with different heights and colors to create a dynamic look. You may also use hardscape elements such as rocks and gravel to provide contrast.


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Landscaping Tip #11 – Hire the Best Landscaping Company in Overland Park

When you are ready to install your new landscaping, hire the best landscaper you can find. A professional lawn care and landscaping specialist will know how to find the best plants and plant them correctly. They can also teach you to care for them adequately once they are in the ground.


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