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Treat now to prevent Rust/Scab on Crabapples

Cedar apple rust and scab are a common disease of Apple trees in our area.  This can be prevented by applying timely fungicide treatments in the spring.  We recommend a minimum of two applications with a preferred third treatment to prevent these two diseases later this season.  Call the office if you have questions on what type of funigicide to use or timing options.

Treat now to prevent Rust/Scab on Crabapples2024-03-21T08:53:42-05:00

The year of the Spider Mite!!!

This year is shaping into the worst year for Spider Mites we've had in years!  Burning Bush especially are taking a huge hit.  Nearly every Burning Bush I've seen in the city has an infestation of Mites.  Treatments are difficult because many miticides only are effective against killing or suppressing the adults but not the eggs.  In order to acheive proper control an insecticide/miticide should be chosen that kills both the adults and the eggs.  Please call us if you are seeing a problem on your Burning Bushes.

The year of the Spider Mite!!!2024-03-21T08:48:09-05:00
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