Aspen Lawn & Pest Control is your best choice for Lawn Care in Overland Park & Pest Control in Overland Park. We have provided professional services to South Kansas City since 1985. During this time, we have achieved a customer retention rating of over 97% annually. We have attained this remarkable rate because we truly believe in creating lasting relationships. Other than making Kansas a more beautiful place to live, our # 1 goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service every time. Over the years, we have put together an impressive team of people whose knowledge and experience in the industry are unsurpassed. Our success is directly related to our people’s strict adherence to our corporate values of quality, integrity and strong work ethic.

Our Mission: To exceed our client’s expectations while providing the finest lawn care in Overland Park & pest control in Overland Park in an efficient manner.

We will achieve this by…

  • Providing prompt, courteous and dependable services to all our clients.
  • Diligence, Integrity, Respectability and a Relentless pursuit of a common goal.
  • Doing all to enhance the well being of our employees
  • Profiting fairly through our efficiencies, innovation and extra effort
  • Conserving our natural resources and being environmentally conscious at all times


In 1985, I started Aspen Lawn & Pest Control with a lawn mower borrowed from Dad and a couple buddies. Slowly growing, I had to start purchasing equipment from local garage sales. My company vehicle consisted of a 1976 Matador pulling a trailer which doubled as my personal car on the weekends. I worked hard everyday to gain both my customers trust and respect. I always strived to go beyond what they expected of me. I wanted to give them the best service possible.

30 years later I have surrounded myself with people as good or better than myself. At Aspen, we make a strong commitment everyday to maintain the same level of performance I first gave my customers in 1985. It is our employees that make the difference. Through our efforts, our customer retention level remains very high. My promise to you is that I will always give it my all to see that the service you receive is my best.

– Kent Girton, Owner/Founder

Management Team

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Kent Girton / Owner

My name is Kent Girton.  I am the owner and founder of Aspen Lawn & Pest Control.  My job is to create a team that will provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations every step of the way.  My belief is that if you take care of your employees they in turn will take care of your customers, and we work hard to live it every day at Aspen.  When you call in for a service bid on your lawn there is a good chance I will be the one coming out to meet with you.  I love working with people and helping them understand what services are best for their lawn.  When not at work I enjoy going to the lake and hanging out with my 3 grown kids, my new granddaughter, and my wife.

Justin Simpson / President

I started with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control in 2004 as a mowing crew leader. I have served in many different capacities during my career here ranging from Turf & Mowing Department Manager to Landscape Designer. In my current role as President, I manage a portfolio of residential and maintenance provided accounts while also overseeing and offering support to our sales, account management & production teams. During the winter months, I head up our Snow Removal Operations. I am the resident “Tree Guy” at Aspen as a Certified Arborist and Horticulturist. In addition, I am a Certified Pest Control Applicator in both Kansas and Missouri for Turf, Tree & Shrub, Pest Control and Wood Destroying Pests.

I’m originally from Nashville, TN and have been in the industry for my entire adult life in one capacity or another. My wife and I live in rural Miami County and are the busy parents of young triplet boys! When we aren’t busy with activities and sports, we spend most of our free time at the lake boating and fishing.

Throughout our entire organization is a strong passion for turning an otherwise ordinary experience into a memorable relationship. I hope to see you on your lawn very soon.

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Tarah Elston / Office Manager

You may not know my face but you will know my voice. I am Tarah Elston and many of you I talk to at least once a week.

I have been with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control since June of 2008. My job is filled with many tasks but my number one priority is receiving and executing customer calls and requests.

I enjoy being a part of the outstanding team Aspen Lawn & Pest Control has created. Every person on our team has a great knowledge of lawn care and their specific departments.

When I am not at Aspen my time is focused on my family. I am married and we have a four year old son.

Talk to you soon!

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Chris Schulz / Turf Department Head

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George Dille / Operations Manager

Hi, I’m George! I grew up north of Manhattan, KS. I graduated from Kansas State University with a Degree in Landscape Design, while running a small landscape company. After graduation I took a job as a landscape foreman at a larger company in Manhattan and loved every part of my job. I have done just about everything on the install side of landscape at least once. I left my home in Manhattan to start a family south of KC in Miami County. I came on with Aspen Lawn & Pest Control in early 2016 and am excited to meet with you, and with Aspen’s great team, fulfill all of you lawn service needs!
When not at work, I love to be outdoors hunting, fishing, or working on anything I can!
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Danny Jordan / Turf Manager

Zach Jordan / Turf Manager

My name is Zach Jordan. I am happily married to my wife, Shyla, and a proud father to my daughter, Bailey. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. We spend quite a bit of time outside, going to the zoo, a park or just our own yard. I also enjoy playing and watching soccer and working in my yard.
I am a Commercial Turf Manager for Aspen Lawn & Pest Control. I really enjoy my job here at Aspen because they offer a professional work environment and I am surrounded by friendly, hard-working and passionate employees. I like being able to keep our customer’s yards looking nice and tackling the challenges that may arise while doing so.

Kevin Lanning / Irrigation Technician

My name is Kevin Lanning. I’m an Irrigation tech here at Aspen Lawn & Pest Control. I’ve been working for Aspen for 4 years and I must say I love my job. Outside of work I am a single father that enjoys my daughter’s little league sports and outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and camping. I look forward to meeting you and addressing all of your irrigation needs. Here at Aspen we strive for customer appreciation working together as a team to bring you the highest quality service.