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Irrigation Installation, Service & Repairs
We are performing the Sprinkler System Checks & Repair services. You should have your irrigation set to run 4-5 days per week, 10 minutes on pop-up zones and 20-25 minutes on rotating zones. Give us a call if you are ready to get on the schedule. If you are interested in having an irrigation system installed, please give the office a call at 913-829-6135.

Turf Maintenance
We are applying Round 5 of our 7 Round Turf Program. Round 5 is a liquid application targeting nutsedge, broadleaf, and grassy weeds in the lawn. Turf Managers will also assess lawns at this time to determine if and what is needed as far as a Fall Lawn Renovation. Aeration, verticutting and overseeding being the common items to be done in order to keep the lawn full and thick. If you are interested in starting your personalized turf health plan please give us a call.

Plant Health Care
We are currently applying Round 3 of our plant insecticide program for the 2017 season. Round 3 is a treatment to control primarily spider mites on spruce, junipers and burning bush. Please call to schedule a consultation with one of our certified Arborist today.

Mowing Service
The mowing season has begun and will run weekly from now until the end of October. Due to the rainy weather they may be behind a day or two but will work weekends to catch up. If you are interested in the weekly mowing service, please contact the office.

Transform Your Lawn With A Sprinkler System Service & Shrub Trimming Service

Your lawn deserves to be treated well. So, why not give it what it deserves? It’s the first thing you look at when you pull into the driveway, and your lawn is the first thing visitors notice about your home. There’s just something about a well-kept lawn. Who wouldn’t want their lawn to look its best?
We created three important ways your home can easily be transformed. Even following one of these steps can put you on the track towards success.
  • Installing an effective sprinkler system service
  • A landscaping contractor that transformed the home’s aesthetic.
  • The most beautiful shrub trimming service you could ask for.

Bring your lawn back to life with a sprinkler system service

A sprinkler system service is a necessary step for some homeowners. As the summer heat beats down, lawns can become severely damaged. The sun’s rays are a harsh reality. A sprinkler system service can help combat these brown, unhealthy lawns.
We created an easy and efficient sprinkler system service for our homeowners. It’s a simple asset that will transform your lawn. When you receive a sprinkler system service, a professional contractor will guide you through the installment process. We want to make sure our homeowners understand how to navigate around a sprinkler system service. Our sprinkler system service contractors are always here to help if any questions arise.
The best part about our sprinkler system service? We provide repairs if needed. If any issues arise, let us know immediately and we are happy to help.
sprinkler system service

Spruce up your landscape with a shrub trimming service

A shrub trimming service is a step many homeowners don’t take into consideration. It never seems like a necessary stem, but in reality, it is. Shrubs can obtain diseases that can brown them. Hiring a shrub trimming service is the equivalence to getting your haircut. It may not need to be done every day, but it’s necessary. A shrub trimming service helps with the upkeep of your home.
What many people don’t realize is that a shrub trimming service has the ability to maintain your shrubs health while also giving it a beautiful trim. Don’t sit in the backseat on a shrub trimming service, it can do your lawn a world of help.
shrub trimming service

Discuss your lawncare dreams with a landscaping contractor

A landscaping contractor can do your home a wide variety of good. The best part is the vision is in your hands. While a landscaping contractor is there for guidance, education, and assistance, you get to call the shots along the way. It’s your home anyways. We want you to be satisfied and overjoyed with the finished product. We understand all homeowners tend to have an aesthetic or style preference. That’s okay. It’s the job of the landscaping contractor to put your dreams into action.
When it comes to professional lawn care, a landscaping contractor is the best way to achieve your lawncare dreams.
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